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"The program has allowed me to understand the process of bringing a sketch to life, I’ve witnessed print making and been introduced to tailors while also being able to identify what would sell in the fashion industry.

Realizing consumer demands and modifying sketches to be more versatile, my mentor Samson Lee has taught me how to mix business and fashion which I find very helpful in terms of moving forward with design as a career”


 Sara Du


"From the people who work behind the scenes, such as pattern makers, seamstresses, models and fashion show coordinators  to fabric sourcing, to tweaking the design, to budgeting and more, there are many facets of the industry that makes it work, this is the knowledge I've gained”


Susau Elaisa


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"People can expect to see something fresh and new, I will be fusing together cultural masi motifs with high couture fashion. Real fashion experience via the show and mentoring has really helped me” 


 Shane Pickering 


“I was determined to secure a spot for myself in this mentoring program because I knew that this was the perfect platform for young aspiring designers like me to broaden their designing knowledge from experienced designers and also have their break into the Fiji fashion industry” 


Ben Matea


“The attraction I get from seeing and feeling beautiful fabrics and clothes really made me want to explore more and be apart of the fashion industry, as a young person I appreciate the opportunity to experience being a fashion designer”


Annie Chiu


“In year 5  I started doing sketches, little baby sketches like a top and a skirt with flowers and hearts on it and by year 6, 7 & 8 I suddenly knew how to sketch body figures with clothes on it and ever since then I had passion for fashion but never had a chance to bring my sketches to life so I thought why not try out Wearing Fiji”


Wati Talei

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