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Samson Lee and Neisau Tuidraki, co founders of Wearing Fiji both worked together on a student designer show  4 years ago and recognised there was a gap in the fashion industry for mentorship but more specifically a lack of creative spaces for high school and tertiary students to explore fashion design.


"We realised that there was also an opportunity to pair aspiring student designers with established designers to mentor and the need for creative spaces for students to explore and develop and that's where this project comes in, our hope is that we can create job pathways through education and mentoring"


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Samson Lee launched his fashion label “Samson Lee Fiji” in 2015. His creations are inspired by the rich melting pot of traditional motifs across the Fijian cultural landscape and endemic marine life. 

As an emerging designer, Samson harnessed the power of online advertising and social media to carve out a niche for himself on the Fiji fashion scene. Armed with creativity, innovation and a sturdy sewing machine, Samson Lee’s first garments were designed and sewn in his garage. 

The SL Fiji brand is Fiji's premiere luxury brand notably dressing Fiji and the wider Pacific celebrities as well as world leaders.

Samson is a firm believer in sharing knowledge and mentoring young people and champions the creative arts industry.​


Neisau Tuidraki comes from a radio and TV background in Fiji that spans nearly two decades. She is currently an online communications consultant who focuses on SM strategy and content development.


She's been an avid art advocate and uses digital spaces to showcase Fijian creatives and has worked with the British Council to produce online campaigns leading up to the launch the National Gallery of Contemporary Arts Fiji. She has also worked in regional tourism with a focus on SM straregy.


Neisau has worked extensively in the Fijian fashion industry in a communications role for FJFW and with Fijian designers and has also served on the Fashion Council of Fiji.


Neisau's passion is working with young Fijian people and believes in providing platforms and developing opportunities for Fiji's arts community to collaborate and grow.

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