Fiji is surrounded by one of the world's most lush environments and for generations our people have taken inspiration from our vanua and waitui. For inspiration we look to the island of Kadavu for inspiration. On the island we find the Prosopeia splendens or what we call the Kakula or Kaka.


 Its head, neck and underparts are a bright scarlet with a blue collar that extends across back of the neck; the back and the rump are a bright shining green. 

2020 has been a year that has tested the resilience of Fijian people but still we endure. The Kakula symbolises that strength of the Fijian people, our designers and student designers will draw inspiration from this tropical bird to bring their collections to life for the runway.

To celebrate the vibrant colors of our inspiration the Kakula, come dressed in the vintage gem colors of ruby red, emerald green and saphire blue.