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4 Elements by Temesia.Co

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Temesia Tuicaumia looks to four key elements of Fijian culture as inspiration for his WFJ21 collection.

Temesia on the runway at WFJ2O

"This collection is coming out with four prints representing our environment in abstract form, from the Vanua (land) to Kama (fire) to Bula (air) to our Waitui (sea)" said Tuicaumia

Tuicaumia believes in being eco-conscious and has invested in sourcing ethical fabrics that are eco-friendly to the Vanua.

"For my Vanua print I have tried to form lines representing the landscapes, valleys, and mountains of the islands in Fiji and the Pacific," said Tuicaumia

Tuicaumia who is a devout Christian said that a particular Bible verse inspired his 'Kama' print.

4 Elements mood board

"This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you when I laid my hands on you is written in 2nd Timothy 1:6"

"The 'Kama' print is inspired by my spiritual influence, the print is a tribute to individuals or warriors in modern-day spheres of market places, government ministries and non-government organizations in our country and the Pacific fighting to stay afloat despite COVID," said Tuicaumia

Temesia's debut collection on the runway at WFJ20

Tuicaumia said that the 'Bula' print draws inspiration from our life essence, the very air we breathe and a quote by Zen Shin, “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms".

"It's a the combination of flowers and air, that's our life essence" said Tuicaumia

He also added that increasingly, the Pacific is coming to be seen as large ocean states, stewards of the ocean capable of addressing the world with a voice weighed heavy in authority.

Temesia.Co capsule collection at WFJ21 launch at the NZ High Commissioner's Residence

"Our ocean is home to the people living on small Pacific islands, they live, love and bring their children into the world, never far from the ocean, my 'Waitui' prints celebrates that," said Tuicaumia

The Wearing Fiji Show will feature 7 designers which include Samson Lee, Natalia Larsen, Robert Verebasaga, Atelaite Daunibau, Andrew Powell, Temesia Tuicaumia and Hupfeld Hoerder.

There will also be a Student Designer capsule collection featuring 13 student designers.

The show will be at the GPH on May 1st, tickets are available at the Wearing Fiji Boutique on Butt Street, Suva.


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