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Collaborating with Fijian Creatives

Our first blog and we're excited that it's showcasing some the best talented creatives of our industry. We are Wearing Fiji a fashion project that focuses on fashion education and mentoring.

Here's a behind the scenes look at our photoshoot!

One of the key goals of the Wearing Fiji project is look at opportunities to collaborate with creatives in the wider arts community and we have an abundance in talent.

We reached out to renowned bridal H&MU artist Ash Phaneuf of Make Up Perfectionist Fiji and multi award winning photographer Ropate Kama of Kama Catch Me Photography.

The brief was to transform our model Cece Evanson in the 'Kadavu' parrot also known as the 'Kakula'. Ash worked his magic with make up and a headdress befitting the tropical majestic bird and we were given the opportunity to shoot at the world renown resort Radisson.

Ropate ever the professional scouted locations on the resort for us and we made the journey down from Suva to shoot our campaign.

It's unbelievably eerie to go into a Denarau hotel and see no tourists but such is the life of a country under COVID lockdown. We are also proud to see locals supporting our hotels with local deals, this is Fiji.

Now some of you maybe wondering why are we doing this in the current environment and the simple answer is 'to keep our businesses alive and encourage each other'. If COVID has taught us anything it's 'veilomani'.

That 'veilomani' spirit is shared when you're doing that when you pay a makeup artist or model or paying for a hotel room at local rate. We are collaborating in the hopes that this stimulates business and the win for us is coming away with first class pictures for our first marketing campaign.

So if there's one thing you can do, support your local artisans, buy from a local designer, the ladies at the flea market, the local carvers and your money will help put food on the table and a roof over the head of a family. And don't forget to look out for each other and encourage each other!

Vendor Listing

H&M and Headdress: Ash Phaneuf

Photography: Kama Catch Me Photography

Dress: Hupfeld Hoerder

Location: Radisson Blu Fiji

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