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Gold tops the show

Hupfeld Hoerder's collection at Wearing Fiji is true to his essence and authentic motifs. It's his signature look that is a household brand in Fiji and the Pacific for the fashion industry.

The caught off guard moment is his play with colors. Taking inspiration from the Kakula bird and matching contrasting colors is a treat to the eye. The veteran designer has also gone vintage 80's with his use of bold accessories to make the Kadavu bird come to life on the runway.

True to form, his signature earthy tones made an appearance on the runway tonight, with a signature look of the 50s and 60s that he's been known to favor and if the crowd is an indicator it's still a favourite tonight.

But let's take a minute to appreciate the closing piece, this gold ensemble Hupfeld says he had fun with the colors and his showstopper piece is inspired by the Kakula bird using gold painted mat and tulle for this beautiful gown.

Check out our Facebook page for the full collection.

Evlyn Mani

Blogging for Wearing Fiji

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