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Kakula in abstract

Samson Lee is no stranger to the fashion scene in the Pacific and is the host for Wearing Fiji.

Taking inspiration from the Kakula bird, Samson says he used the color red and incorporated it with his favorite color black.

"My collection is very abstract. These are paintings by Aaron Alan and George Evans so this collection is a collaboration between us"

This is a nod to including artisans from the wider arts community of Fiji which is at the heart of the Wearing Fiji Project, engaging artists to stimulate economic growth and more importantly create art.

The abstract motifs on the garments depict the feathers of the Kakula bird. Samson's collection on the runway started off with resort wear and ended with evening wear. A departure from his normal contemporary masi motifs, he's taken a leap 'outside the box' to explore creatively and it shows growth.

Flowing fabric use, shimmer and glitter playing with red and black and abstract patterns means a surprise start to this evening's opening at the Wearing Fiji!

Evlyn Mani

Blogging for Wearing Fiji

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