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Q & A with Ledua Daurewa

How old are you and what do you currently do? 

I am 23 years old & I am currently working as a Customer Care Agent at Digicel HQ and am also a part time photographer.

Where did you go to school? (Tertiary/Primary/Secondary)? 

Growing up, I attended many schools as we were constantly moving.PRIMARY: Mount Saint Mary's Primary School/ Saint Peters Chanel School/Saint Thomas High School/Delainamasi Government SchoolSECONDARY: Saint Thomas High School/ Rishikul Sanatan College/Wainibuka Secondary SchoolTERTIARY: USP (only for 1 semester/ will resume next year)

Why did you apply to the mentorship program?

I have always wanted to become a designer, the mentorship program provided an opportunity to learn from people in the fashion industry. I believe it is great way to kick start my career with the help of professional designers who I’ve considered my childhood inspirations.

Tell us about your fashion journey, you spoke about obstacles from peers and community about exploring fashion, how did you overcome this?

I have always been passionate about fashion and designing but unfortunately due to gender stereotypes and stigma, I didn’t have the courage to explore my dreams and aspirationsI believe that through this program I will be able to achieve my life goals and do something I've always been passionate about. After years of doubting and worrying about others' perspective of me, I finally came to the realisation that my happiness should not be determined by what society states but must be of something that comes from within.

Tell us about your label what does it mean?

After much reflection and research, I finally decided on my name LEDUALEDUA means: The only one, unique, bold and exclusive. This is at the core of what I am trying to capture with my designs

What is the name of your collection and what is the story behind it?

My collection is called the DromukinaLoa .It tells the story of the our Fijian sunset the Dromu ni Siga and how it blends and in to the dark ocean waters our Sauloa. So the name of the collection is a play on those two words.

You are into week 11 now of the mentorship program, tell us 3 key things you've learnt and how do you think that has shaped your collection?

The 3 keys things is knowing who my market is. who I’m selling to, fabrics I’ve learnt a lot about this and this has definitely shaped my designs as well as styling,

Where do you see your fashion label/journey in 3 years time?

In 3 years time, I would really want to establish my own fashion business. Create looks for my market/ clients and be the best version of myself creative wise.

Name your local and international fashion designer that influences you and why?

I have always looked up to Samson Lee, Hupfeld Hoerder and Aisea Konrote as they would design looks that I liked. I even had the chance to converse with 2 of them online and they were very supportive of my ideas and passion for fashion.

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