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Q & A with Shane Pickering

Shane Pickering has been a part of our mentoring program for three years.

After graduating from APTC in Fashion Design and Applied Technology, he decided to debut his brand/collection Laboriel at Fiji at Fashion Week 2020.

“My brand was made to make men and women feel connected to their culture through the clothes they wear, making them feel beautiful in any size, not only on the outside but inside too” said Shane.

What is the inspiration behind your debut collection?

I drew inspiration from my late paternal great grandmother Adi Dimau Tagimaucia who hails from the chiefly village of Vuna, Taveuni. Not only does she tie in with the theme “Women of Fiji” and the legend of beautiful women of Burotukuka but she was a princess in her own right.

Hence her surname I fused the tagimaucia flower into my new prints with the inclusion of traditional Cakaudrove masi designs. Expect to see the beautiful colours of the tagimaucia flower and flowing silhouettes from day to evening wear for both men and women.

What is the significance of your label name?

'Laboriel' is my second name and is of Mexican origin, the name 'Laboriel' was given to me by my father. When I decided to launch my brand I thought deeply about what name I’ll use as my label to stand out from the rest, so 'Laboriel' came to mind being a unique name I decided to use it and 'Laboriel Fiji' was born.

Tropical Chaos capsule collection 2021

How has the WFJ mentorship program helped you develop your brand?

The WFJ mentorship program has helped me tremendously over the past 3 years as

an emerging student designer, I entered this program without any knowledge on how a fashion show is organised and the key aspects of how to run a fashion business.

I learnt the basics of pattern making with Robert Verebasaga, fabric sourcing and technical areas of designing. Temesia Tuicaumia taught us how to use social media to market our brands and Samson Lee taught us how to operate a successful boutique and business. I thank Neisau Tuidraki & Samson Lee for creating this program to nurture the next generation of designers in Fiji.

What are 3 key things you've learnt from your mentorship with Hupfeld Hoerder?

Under the mentorship and guidance of my amazing mentor Hupfeld Hoerder for over more than three years, I have gained so much more knowledge about the fashion industry. I believe my brand wouldn’t have been successful if it wasn’t for Mr Hoerder, he has taught me the basics of

technical drawing, pattern making ,sewing and has even taken me with him backstage to see what it is like to create a full collection. I’m grateful to be his mentee he is not only a teacher but a great friend.

Who are your fashion influences ?

My local fashion influences would be Hupfeld Hoerder and Moira Solvalu (8 Mountains) and my international influences would be Olivier Rousteing (Balmain), Beyoncé Knowles and Christopher John Rogers.

What is your style?

We live in a very humid climate so I always try to be as comfortable as possible, my style is very simple I love to wear a nice printed Bula shirt and pants on a normal day. For evening wear or if I’m attending an event I would go for a suit or matching shirt and shorts. I love prints and bold colours

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