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Samson Lee pays homage to Adi Cakobau School

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Samson Lee is set to pay homage to Adi Cakobau School with his latest collection ‘Waterlily’ which will debut at Wearing Fiji 2021.

"This year our project asks us to draw inspiration from our vanua and I've looked to the ladies of Adi Cakobau School specifically the waterlily a symbol of generations of successful Fijian women," said Lee.

Adi Cakobau School was founded in 1948 by the Fijian government as a boarding school and was named after the granddaughter of Ratu Seru Epenisa Cakobau, the King of Fiji.

During the schools' 71 year history it has churned out successful Fijian female waymakers such as Anaseini Qionibaravi, the first female Senator in Fiji, Taufa Vakatale – Fiji Chief Education Office, Secretary for Education, and Deputy Prime Minister to name a few.

"The infamous waterlilies are at home by the Waimanu river and apart from inspiring the school song, the flower has been part of the school's symbol for generations, I can not think of a better way to draw inspiration from the vanua while also celebrating strong Fijian women," said Lee.

Lee also added that the 'Waterlily' collection will celebrate the lavender colors of the waterlily with a pop of coral and a brand new print.

People can expect his collection to include cultural performances from ACS alumni tertiary students and feature legacy models which will include grandmothers. mothers and daughters who have been educated in ACS.

"My collection is in consultation with the ACSOG who are very much still part of the school, these women will feature as models in my collection which I think is very fitting because these women have been custodians of the waterlily of the Waimanu river at some point in their lives," said Lee.

Samson Lee Fiji 'Kakula' collection at WFJ20

The Wearing Fiji Show will feature 7 designers which include Samson Lee, Natalia Larsen, Robert Verebasaga, Atelaite Daunibau, Andrew Powell, Temesia Tuicaumia and Hupfeld Hoerder.

There will also be a Student Designer capsule collection featuring 13 student designers.

The show will be at the GPH on May 1st, tickets are available at the Wearing Fiji Boutique on Butt Street, Suva.


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