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An ode to Fiji

Fiji turns 50 this year, half a century of ups and downs but she's our home and Natalia Larsen owner of Treehouse Boutique and clothing line 'Malia' showed at Wearing Fiji with her ode to Fiji inspired by our hues of blue.

Her collection is true to her signature, featuring resort wear in tropical flamenco and coconuts prints. Natalia takes on the traditional prints and reinvents that "Bula" look to suit the modern island guy or girl and this has worked for her brand.

Every day wear in easy to wear fabrics and prints. Definitely a favorite for the 'kalavata' gang but in modern dresses and shirts. The collection was definitely giving us 'Havana' nights vibes but with a Fijian twist.

So if you're looking for something to wear for Fiji be patriotic and buy Fijian made and purchase a piece from this collection.

Evlyn Mani

Blogging for Wearing Fiji

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