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Celebrating the women of our communities

Wearing Fiji in its third year of the project will pay tribute to the women of Fiji and their roles in our communities.

Photograph by FijiPhotographer_Sang/Designer Samson Lee

"Our women play a pivotal role in our communities they are our mothers, our leaders, our teachers and our nurturers, " said Wearing Fiji co-founder, Samson Lee.

Every year the project picks a theme to celebrate, from the environment to the people.

This year Wearing Fiji is proud to pay homage to Fijian women in communities and their contribution to homes and livelihoods as well as the protection and transmission of cultural knowledge.

Photograph by FijiPhotographer_Sang/Designer Samson Lee

"We are a multicultural country that is diverse and that shows in our fashion, our women are the driving force behind our fashion whether its wearing one of our designers at a cocktail in the city or wearing a sulu and jaba at a soqo or a beautiful sari at Diwali we are rich in diversity and this year will celebrate that," said Wearing Fiji co-founder, Neisau Tuidraki.

The mentor designers and student designers will debut collections drawing inspiration from the women of our communities.

Wearing Fiji has four mentor designers and five student designers showcasing this year at the HFC Stadium on September 10, 2022.

Tickets are on sale at the Wearing Fiji Boutique on Butt Street, Suva.

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