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Sawana a collection by Rogue Stitch

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Fashion label Rogue Stitch which debuted at Wearing Fiji last year is set to release its spring/summer 21 collection at WFJ21.

Rogue Stitch 'Sawana' collection mood board

Andrew Powell the designer behind the label said that he was excited to be working on the new collection for the season.

"The Rogue Stitch Sawana Collection (sawana meaning beach in the Cakaudrove dialect) draws inspiration from the beautiful beaches and tropical flora of the Vanua, blending classic pieces with floral prints and adding hints of tailoring or elements of the 'rogue' stitch twist," said Powell.

Rogue Stitch debut at WFJ20

The Wearing Fiji Project aims to create spaces to exchange fashion knowledge and one of those spaces is our Wearing Fiji Boutique which stocks our mentors and artisans.

Since the label's debut, Rogue Stitch has stocked at the Wearing Fiji Boutique and believes the retail space has helped him develop his label.

"Having access to the Wearing Fiji retail space gives me an insight into what customers gravitate towards, how far are they willing to experiment with their style and what makes a commercially viable product, it is interactive and I thoroughly enjoy the process of trying to intuitively discover the balance between providing a niche product that is also profitable and can financially sustain and grow the label" said Powell

Andrew with his mentees Maureen and Jone

Powell is also mentoring student designers Maureen Mortel and Jone Bainivalu and as a second-year mentor believes in being patient and always encourage creativity while instilling practicality at the same time.

"As a mentor, it's my job to work with each student designer's aesthetic and try to stay as true to it as possible and not to let my own aesthetic as a mentor influence them. The best part is when they see their ideas transformed into tangible garments parading down the runway" said Powell

The Wearing Fiji Show will feature 7 designers which include Samson Lee, Natalia Larsen, Robert Verebasaga, Atelaite Daunibau, Andrew Powell, Temesia Tuicaumia and Hupfeld Hoerder.

There will also be a Student Designer capsule collection featuring 13 student designers.

The show will be at the GPH on May 1st, tickets are available at the Wearing Fiji Boutique on Butt Street, Suva.


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